My Story

I started selling Scentsy in the beginning, approx. 5 years ago, as a way of making some extra income.  I have grown to LOVE Scentsy, and enjoy the interacting with others and pleasing people is one thing that I can not get enough of.  I love my team and am grateful for the hard work that they put into us having a successful team.  This has not only become a means of making extra income, but it has become one of those enjoyments in life that I am so grateful for chosing the right company to go with.  I have had so many people approach me to join different organizations, but I love the choice that I have made and would LOVE for you to come on board with me and my team.  SCENTSY ROCKS!!!!! I am also a designer for Origami Owl, so contact me to find out what I am offering as a holiday special to anyone who joins me, or anyone who hosts a party (Did I mention it's an offer that you can not refuse?)   <!--endbody-->